CANNY•7 Demo Kit

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CANNY•7 Demo Kit It is intended to simplify the debugging process of the functional diagrams for CANNY•7 controller.

Having only a PC or laptop with installed CannyLab and CANNY•7 Demo kit, you can immediately begin testing your diagrams "in vivo" observing and acting on IO channels states.

Using CANNY•7 Demo Kit you can:

  • Power a Demo board and installed controller directly from the USB port of your PC, through on-board voltage converters
  • Easily switch controllers programming/autonomous modes with the built-in tumbler avoiding cables re-commutation
  • Simultaneously observe the state of all 11 input channels, determining the voltage and current level in their circuits by the color and brightness of the corresponding on-board control LEDs
  • Apply different voltage levels to any of the 11 IO channels using the on-board bush buttons
  • Connect and disconnect CAN termination resistor using an on-board jumper
  • Use CANNY•7 Demo Kit in-place of a stand-alone controller to monitor the status of the channels on the control object in real time.


  • CANNY•7 Demo board
  • plastic enclosure for CANNY 7 controller
  • original CANNY•7 connectors set
  • wiring set for CANNY 7 controller
  • two USB-a/miniUSB interface cables
  • Quick Start Guide

CannyLab® Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Free of charge Graphical Integrated Development Environment is intended for development of programs (functional diagrams) for CANNY controllers




Free of charge CannyLab Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CannyLab v.2.16, portable edition including examples, controllers firmware and utilities.


CANNY•7 Demo Kit. Quick Start Guide.

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