Programmable Logic 2xCAN controller CANNY•7.2 Duo

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CANNY•7.2 Duo – The brand new commercially available automotive programmable logic controller with a wide range of supply voltages, dual CAN interfaces, nine general purpose IO channels , up to four LIN interfaces and an internal ADC.

This member of the next generation CANNY dual-CAN device family differs from its predecessor by a better performance, increased available ROM & RAM, more flexible CAN Gateway driver, the expanded number of external Input/Output Channels and LIN/UART interfaces.

The dual-CAN architecture allows to use each of embedded CAN interface independently or in CAN Gateway mode. Using this mode you can to build a flexible high-speed CAN Gateway with runtime reconfigurable filtering/altering rules for the messages retransmitted in both directions.

Nine universal, high voltage general purpose input/output channels can be used for drive any type of loads and/or listening input switches/pulses.

Using CannyLab® Integrated Development Environment controller can be programmed in simple but powerful graphical way. The internal USB interface is used for the firmware updates.

Discrete IO Channels

  • 9 universal input / output channels that can work in the modes of outputs and inputs, with both positive and negative polarity
  • Allowable voltage on any IO channel is 0...32V
  • Maximum current in/out on any IO channel is up to 100mA in "strong" mode and up to 3mA in pull-up/pull-down mode
  • Independent internal short-circuit protection of each IO channels.
  • Internal surge protection for IO channels from #0 to #7

PWM / Pulse Counters

  • Each of the 9 IO channels of the controller can work in PWM mode with a resolution of 1 ms
  • Any 6 of the IO channels can work in HR PWM mode with a resolution about 1μs
  • Each of the 9 channels of the controller can work in the asynchronous pulse counter mode with maximum effective frequency up to kHz and input PWM signal parameters meter about 1μs resolution

Digital Interfaces

  • Two CAN 2.0A/B interfaces works independently or in Gateway Mode
  • Up to four LIN 1.3 / 2.0 master/slave interfaces
  • Up to four half-duplex single-wire UART interfaces or up to two full-duplex UARTs with direct or inverted (RS232-like) polarity
  • Any of IO channels can be configured as Dallas 1-Wire Master

Analog-to-digital converter

  • Internal high resolution supply voltage meter
  • One 0...32VDC over-voltage protected 14-bit internal ADC channel which can be connected to external connector pin

Other features

  • Sixty four 16-bit EEPROM cells readable/writable in runtime
  • Programmable embedded dual color LED
  • Low power mode with sub-1mA power consumption and programmable wake-up on events

On-line documentation and knowledge base: CannyDocs

CannyLab® Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Free of charge Graphical Integrated Development Environment is intended for development of programs (functional diagrams) for CANNY controllers




Free of charge CannyLab Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CannyLab v.2.16, portable edition including examples, controllers firmware and utilities.




Total count of IO channels




LP Current, max

100mA / 900mA

IO Voltage, max


IO Overcurrent protection


CAN 2.0B


CAN Gateway



up to 4


up to 4

Dallas 1-Wire

up to 9

Firmware update via


CAN/LIN monitor


Supply, VDC


Current consumption, max


Current consumption, min


LxBxH, mm