Industrial Automation

Many enterprises continue to use obsolete production lines, and if one of the line elements fails a number of difficulties related to the restoration of its operability arise. It's connected with the lack of support, lack of documentation for the equipment and with the absence of ability to order spare parts from the manufacturer. In this case, you need to use an emulator - a device that completely replaces the failed informationally, or an adapter - that allows you to include a third-party device that is not specifically designed for the existing equipment line.

To solve the problem, expensive solutions that require adjustment and manual modification are often purchased, which often turns out to be inexpedient. Compact, budgetary and easily programmable CANNY controllers are one of the most convenient devices for quickly solving similar problems. CANNY devices include a number of modern interfaces, and only a laptop with the installed CannyLab visual environment is sufficient for programming.

Serial controllers allow user to quickly solve non-standard tasks using the CAN bus:

• Receiving, processing, converting CAN messages

• Adapting devices to the CAN network - connecting a device that does not have a CAN interface to an existing CAN network

• Quickly configurable "in the field",

• Presence of protection against obviously incorrect user actions

• Quick start, wide operating temperature range