Modeling and creating automated "live" models based on various game universes — automatic activation / deactivation of lights and sounds according to the program, automation of moving elements of figures, creation of elements reacting to external influences.

The content of pets often requires special conditions, which can be maintained by a simple system based on the CANNY controller, for example: temperature control, on / off lights of the aquarium, terrarium, aviary, automatic feeders for birds, rodents, dogs, cats and other animals.

Also CANNY controllers can be used for the needs of plant growers: automatic irrigation, fertilizer supply, automatic switching on and off of lighting, temperature and soil moisture control.

An easy way to create automatic control systems for servo, backlight, sound effects for auto-modeling, aircraft modeling and ship modeling.

Creation of advertising constructions - all moving and luminous elements, reaction to external influences. Example: racks with autoradio tape recorders, auto electronics to run which requires the use of a CAN emulator.

All sid hobbies associated with autotuning - tuning of standard auto electronics, tuning interiors, lighting, radio, creating automatic nodes.

The creation of various electronic toys, equipment for quests in reality - equipping cars and stationary objects.

Compared to arduino-compatible devices, controllers on the CANNY platform have a number of significant advantages:

• Do not require knowledge of the programming language

• Free and intuitive graphical Integrated Development Environment CANNY • Lab

• Software and Documentation Support

• Protection against obviously wrong user actions