CannyLab® Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The complete toolbox for bring your ideas to life.



CannyLab - an Integrated software Development Environment (IDE) for CANNY’s programmable logic controllers working under Microsoft Windows. This is complete toolbox for implementing your ideas into a touchable and responsive devices. Almost the all actions in CannyLab IDE for algorithm building and device interaction are performed in couple of clicks.

All in one

The CannyLab development environment is a tool for developing application programs using the graphical language of functional block diagrams CFD (Canny Functional Diagram), debugging and uploading firmware and diagrams to the internal memory of CANNY programmable logic controllers.

Easy to use

Integrated Development Environment CannyLab IDE is distributed as the portable version, which does not require installation and can be launched from removable media. It is enough to download the archive with the current version of the CannyLab IDE from our website, unzip it to a folder on your PC or external media and run the cannylab.exe executable

Start now

Simulator mode alows you to build and play with functional diagrams for free even with no physical access to CANNY controller. Simulator also allows you to step and run your diagram, observe the state and outs of your diagram in runtime, specifying the breakpoints, forced setting of inputs for simulate hardware inputs.

Commercialize it

Using CanniLab IDE and CANNY controllers you can build the prototype in a minutes and organize the mass production of commercial products driven your own IP protected firmware inside with extremely short TTM. The standalone automated firmware updater builder will allow you to perform remote user support for fix errors and update functionality of your devices.




Free of charge CannyLab Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CannyLab v.2.16, portable edition including examples, controllers firmware and utilities.



How To Build You Own Automotive CAN-device with CANNY 7

This video shows how to use a CANNY 7 controller with CANNY CAN Monitor application as an automotive CAN (Controller Area Network) data analyzer and then to create you own CAN-processing firmware with CannyLab IDE.


Tools and Accessories

CANNY•7 Demo Kit

CANNY 7 Demo Kit It is intended to increase the visibility and simplify the debugging process of the functional diagrams for CANNY•7 controller.