The development environments of most industrial controllers are complex software products that require large computing power and appropriate equipment, designed for professionals, can cause great difficulties for an unprepared novice user and scare away from studying an interesting and relevant discipline. Industrial controllers most often have a number of highly specialized functions that are not used in the educational process, but significantly affect the cost of the device. Besides, to start an industrial controller, it is often necessary to build a special stand with the use of a specialized power supply unit and the connection of a number of executive devices that are not included in the set. Creation of several stands for educational purposes is inexpedient in view of the high cost of equipment and the complexity of working with it.

Easy to use, extremely simple interface for the most unprepared users, transparency of most operations, lowPC performance requirements - requirements that are fully met by the free graphical development environment CannyLab. It also includes a visual debugger-simulator, which can be used separately from the hardware to visualize the logic processes. CannyLab environment does not require a license, is completely free and available for download in the "Downloads" section.

Personal computer with CannyLab software installed and CANNY • 7 SDK kit allow you to visually demonstrate the main features of both the software and hardware parts of the controller. For CANNY • 7 SDK operation, only the USB port of the PC is needed to power the board, programming the controller and starting the controller in operating mode. Due to the fact that on the board of CANNY • 7 SDK controller is installed without the case, and the component assembly is made on one side of the controller board, students can be visually demonstrated the component composition and controller device.

An important role in the learning process is the stability and durability of the device. CANNY controllers are capable of withstanding short circuits, improper connections, in addition - the controller has a large set of protections against "improper user actions". Price availability of controllers allows you to purchase CANNY devices for educational institutions and sections, in addition, CANNY company participates in the sponsorship of educational programs of both educational institutions and sections.