Security systems

A frequent problem with the owners of cars is the installation of a freelance satellite security system. To obtain maximum information about the current state of the car, it is necessary to integrate the security system with the CAN-bus of the car. At the same time, existing interface modules most often allow processing of a fixed set of functions. A number of problems occurs:

• A set of instructions that the device can handle rigidly fixed

• Releases of software updates and expansion of the list of supported cars are carried out exclusively by the manufacturer of interface modules and often do not keep up with the automotive market

• The car's electronics may differ depending on the manufacturer, model, model year, equipment and target market - as a result, the interface module may be incompatible

The key task that can be solved by CANNY controllers used as interface modules is to enable automotive electronics engineers to specify functions, program and change work algorithms depending on the tasks without involving third-party specialists. The hardware platform and intuitive visual development environment CannyLab allow you to implement the function of autorun, as well as immobilizer - creating an additional line of protection of the car from theft.