The feature of most sports cars is the use of modern and advanced units and devices, sometimes prototypes. Despite the uniqueness of the nodes used, It is required to provide their combined work, to make individual adjustments according to the requirements of the pilot - from the location of controls, to the location of electronic devices, and moreover - get from the used aggregates more than declared by the manufacturer -use the maximum of capabilities. CANNY controllers allow to provide required configuration flexibility and maximum ease of adjustment in the field, debugging and testing of the experimental elements and machine systems.

During the competition as well as during training sessions, the crew and engineers of the team should be able to control and regulate at any time the main parameters of the units and assemblies of the car, both in manual and in automatic mode, All received data should be recorded, analyzed and visualized in real time. Also, it is highly appreciated that it is possible to predict the remaining life of parts and the effect of external parameters on components, assessing the need to replace a node.

Duplication of the most susceptible systems to improve the fault tolerance of components and the machine as a whole, The ability to program the controller for critical situations to provide a correct and safe switching of the elements to a safe state - de-energize, lock, shut off the fuel supply, etc.