Custom Luxury Vehicles

Vehicles like "Custom Luxury Vehicles" refer to the "luxury" segment of the market, the specificity of which is the need for strict compliance of the final product with the individual requirements of the customer. This requires solving a wide range of non-standard technical problems associated with the conversion of the car and installation of non-standard electronic elements of the interior, therefore to find or pick up solutions ready for integration with a standard on-board network is almost impossible. The use of individual ready-made narrowly specialized devices with a fixed set of functions does not allow to adapt them to the individual requirements of the customer and, moreover, only complicates the process.On the other hand,the development of a special device from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming process.

To solve such problems, the whole line of CANNY controllers is used, which allows to:

• Work with CAN, LIN protocols, manage various motors

• Use different control panels and joysticks with the help of IR and UART interfaces

• Connect various sensors - for example temperature and pressure sensors using the Dallas 1-Wire interface

• A separate feature is the ability to combine controllers into a network - acting as a unified system, but consisting of separate elements

Flexibility and compactness of the CANNY platform allows you to accurately consider each customer's requirement, and what is especially important - without involving third-party specialists.

Having estimated the capabilities of CANNY technologies on serial devices, it becomes possible to identify a number of preferences for the technical characteristics of controllers, design features and realizable functions. To create the most balanced and compact device, CANNY is ready to offer the services of developing specialized devices and software based on the CANNY platform.