CANNY 5.3 Pico. ADC Driver

General Description

CANNY 5.3 Pico supports Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) mode for one special pin (contact #6) of the connector X1. This ADC converter can be used to measure the input voltage from 0 to 5V with a 12-bit resolution and 1 millisecond sample rate.

ADC driver is always active.


The ADC driver registers contain information about the state of the channel. Below is a description of the return values.

ADC channel registers.
Register Return Values
ADC Channel Input Value Register 0…4095 = measured ADC value


Input voltage measurement example.

Note: The CANNY 5.3 Pico analog-to-digital converter is linear.

Note: The voltage values at the ADC pin are measured by the controllers at regular intervals. In the time period between measurements, the ADC value register retains the previously measured value.