T-n-T: Constant assignment by condition

The problem

It is required, depending on several conditions (the state of various inputs, etc.), to transfer the value of a certain constant to a register or network.

The solution

The solution (diagram).

When one of the four named network conditions is met, the “value” is assigned a constant from the corresponding 2-to-1 switch. In this case, several conditions can be fulfilled simultaneously. In this case, the network will be assigned the value of the constant set by the switch below, i.e. has a higher sequence number (which is responsible for monitoring the condition with a higher sequence number), if the corresponding condition is met. Thus, the condition with a higher sequence number is given a higher priority. Constants corresponding to other current conditions, taking into account the priority, will be assigned to the named network after the condition of the higher priority condition disappears.

If necessary, using this approach, you can create cascades from more switches.