Software Structure

Software CANNY consists of:

  • bootloader,
  • system software (operating system and drivers)
  • custom function diagram.
Software Structure

The bootloader provides the controller with the software download mode, organising data transmission between controller and PC using USB protocol. It checks the data integrity transmitted from the PC and loading to the controllers’ internal memory. The bootloader placed into the internal memory of the controller during production and can not be deleted or modified by the user.

The manufacturer distributes firmware in CCX file format. It includes an operating system and a set of drivers providing function diagram execution and its interaction with the controllers’ resources. The contents of various CCX files can be reloaded into the controller by user but user is restricted to modify CCX file content.

Custom block diagram is created and modified in CannyLab IDE, then it can be loaded into the controller where it specifies the algorithm to work standalone or saved in to CFD file.